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Labelling of feed additives

Labelling is important for purchasers to make the optimal choice for their needs. FEFANA promotes that:

Information provided should
fit the need of the user

Information should be
readable and understandable

Information should be
available via different means

These principles aim to capture both regulatory requirements and the needs of regulatory/legislative authorities and consumers. The final goal is to guarantee an informed use of feed additives at all stages in a harmonised European Market.


To ensure consistency, FEFANA works continuously towards harmonisation of rules within the feed legislation framework and interpretation across the EU Member States. This work takes account of the complete feed chain and considers the information needs of regulators and operators at different stages of the value chain, from feed additive producers to compound feed producers and farmers. In practice, different product information is needed and is provided according to the stage of the feed chain. The most typical scenarios are considered as: business to business; business to final users (e.g. farmers, pet owners); and business to regulatory/legislative authorities, with each requiring specific, but different information according to their activity.

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